Internet Troubleshooting

G-Wiz Tech Support can fix your internet problems.  If your internet is slow, dropping in and out or is just not working, we can help.  Whether you’re with Bigpond, iinet, Internode, Adam, Dodo, TPG or anyone other Internet Service Provider we can help get you back on-line and working again!

  • Slow internet connection? If you have internet speed problems we can help get you downloading faster.
  • Is your internet disconnecting from time to time? You may be experiencing a drop-out problem. We can help make your internet connection is stable again.
  • Are you unable to connect to the internet?  Do you have problems sending E-mail or accessing websites? Call G-Wiz Tech Support for assistance, we can diagnose and rectify your problem.
  • Do you play games on-line? Are you experiencing a slow connection or “lag”?  We can help get your internet working fast so that you can play all your favourite games on-line again.

If you have any of these problems call us on 0422 295 057 for fast, friendly support.