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G-Wiz Tech Support is an IT Support business based in Adelaide.  We support Home and Business clients across Australia  What is G-Wiz?  Well G-Wiz we never thought you’d ask. G-Wiz Stands for Gadget Wiz and can troubleshoot all your Gadgets from Computers, Laptops, Smart Phones and more.


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G-Wiz Tech Support is Australian Owned and Operated.

Customer Reviews

Patricia Nelson
Josie H
Gavin was able to service my computer the day i rang him and it was all fixed within an hour. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a to clean all the viruses off their computer and get it running faster again! Even gave free virus protection so very happy.

Colin Hanks
Colin H
I gives much pleasure to report that I have found a computer expert that I recommend. G-Wiz arrives on time, Gavin lets you no by telephone when he is on his way. He does his work in minimum time. and at lowest possible cost.

Antony Simpson
Antony S

I found Gavin very professional and timely, if delayed he would give as much notice as possible. He describes what needs to be done by the user clearly and to the extent possible avoids jargon.

He is technically very knowledgeable and solved my problems on my PC as well as some queries I had with the TV cabling.

I heartily recommend Gavin

Simon Gould
Simon G
I have had Gavin help me over the past few years with computer support and always found his service and knowledge to be of the highest standard.
Recently lost my main system drive and Gavin has helped me get my machine up and going once more, including network, drives and backup/restores and replaced defunct hardware.
Losing ones system drive is a major headache and Gavin’s help has been exceptionally great.
Thoroughly recommend his service and assistance,

Patricia Nelson
Patricia N
2 months ago
On time, very accommodating, friendly and extremely helpful.