Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 has arrived and it’s certainly a big improvement compared with Windows 8.  Not only have they returned the much missed Start Menu but there’s a range of improvements welcomed by most users including the removal of the dreaded “Metro” or “Start” Screen.  Here is a quick glance at some of the benefits available if you decide to upgrade to Windows 10.

Return of the Start Menu

First they give, then they take away, then they give again.  But honestly, thank goodness it’s back.  Why Microsoft ever decided removing this crucial Windows element is beyond us.  But thankfully it has been returned and with additional features.  The “Metro” or “Start” screen has been essentially integrated into the new Start Menu allowing you to quickly access your purchased apps.  The Cortana search field allows the user to not only quickly search your pcs contents but find relevant content and information online.

Windows for your Apps

Switching apps in Windows 8 was a challenge, it seemed counter intuitive clicking down in to an empty left corner to go back to the Metro screen.  Closing an app involved dragging the app downwards with your cursor (or with your finger on a touch device) which made little sense and was counter intuitive to most.  It was a little better in 8.1 when they included the usual “Close” X at the top right of an open app.  But now, thankfully apps are managed in Windows like they should have been in the first place!  Finally users can drag their app around, maximize it, minimize it and close it as to be expected.

Clever Cortana

This little search assistant is rather helpful indeed at finding your content in a few seconds.  It searches the web, your apps, your files, your calendars, you and finds the most relevant entries delivering them to you in an instant.  But Cortana is more than just a replacement for the traditional Windows Search.  It’s a very powerful tool, it can accept voice commands so you can search online, set alarms and calendar reminders, find nearby locations and more, you could say “find pictures from last month” and results will be displayed accordingly, neat right?  It’s much like the beloved Siri on the Apple iPhone but now for your Computer.  This is not without Microsoft’s tendencies to collect your personal information and use it for there business purposes, but in this age, everyone’s happy to give out there info to large corporations, just look at Facebook, they’ll look after your info right? hmm…

Live life on the Edge, Microsofts Edge that is.

Microsofts Internet Explorer has been swept under the rug, it’s still there, but only for compatibility and legacy reasons.   Edge (codenamed Spartan) is the way of the future according to Microsoft, it’s a browser built from the ground up, it offers a sleek interface which will take a little to adjust to but ultimately works well and it’s certainly much faster than it’s predecessor.  Edge offers a reading list feature to allow you to collect your favorite online articles and view them at your leisure.

Virtual Desktops

We love and welcome this great new feature.  If your on a budget and can’t afford to spend money on buying multiple monitors to run your desktop from then why not use virtual desktops to achieve the same effect?  Virtual desktops allow a user to freely flick between multiple desktop screens containing different sets of applications and icons.  It’s the equivalent to having multiple screens while only having one.  This feature won’t appeal to all users, mostly just the power users out there, but it’s a great feature nonetheless and it’s a long awaited and welcomed addition to Windows.

Action Center

The action center traditionally resided as a tiny icon in your system tray (those icons down the bottom right next to the time) but now it’s been transformed in an archived listing system that can be accessed by swiping in from the right side of the screen.  From this menu users can view notifications and alerts regarding updates, security updates and more.  We also enjoy the quick access buttons available at the bottom of this screen offering a range of quick toggle settings such as AirPlane mode,  Connecting to a VPN, Settings and more.

Improved Apps

Microsoft have taken a good hard look at their original set of apps in Windows 8 and completely revamped them.   Windows Mail, for example is hugely improved, with right click options, selection options, it’s just better now trust us and with all the additional options it still makes for easy use on a touch screen.  Finally Windows Mail can check POP accounts and Calendar can sync with Google Calendar, great enhancements.

The XBox App

Fancy streaming your XBox games direct to your PC or Tablet?  It’s now possible with the newly included XBox app in Windows 10.  Players can view the Activity Feed which includes their friends list of Unlock Achievements and Twitch video streams.  Players can also Instant Message each other, invite them to a party and more.


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