10 iPhone Tips and Tricks

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most popular, stylish and intuitive smartphones available on the market today. Chances are you or someone you know owns one, so in this guide we explore some of the tips, tricks and hidden features of the iPhone so that you can make the most of these amazing devices.

1. The Calculator

iPhone Calculator Tips

You may already know that if you turn your iPhone sideways while in the calculator app you will enable the scientific calculator mode, but, did you know that you can swipe your entered numbers to delete them rather than pressing the clear button? This may be useful if you’ve just hit the extra digit by accident and don’t want to retype the whole sum again.
Also, you can double tap your answer which will enable you to copy and paste it in to other apps or in to a message or E-mail.

2. Flash when receiving a message

iPhone LED Flashing

Did you know that you can make your iPhone’s camera flash go off when someone sends you a text? This can be handy if you’re hard of hearing and it also looks pretty nifty.
On your iPhone just go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts

3. Stop music with a timer

iPhone Music Timer Stop

Do you listen to music on your iPhone as you drift off to sleep only to be awakened later by a noisy song? Well then this feature is for you!
Go to Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends and scroll right to the bottom. You can select “Stop Playing” from the list of available tones. Now you can have your iPhone play for 2 hours and then fade out! Handy huh?

3. Use Siri as an Alarm Clock

set iPhone Alarm using Siri

Simply hold the home button and tell Siri “Wake me up at 8am tomorrow” and it will set an Alarm for 8am. You can also say things like “Wake me up in 20 mins” or “Wake me up at noon”.

4. Use Siri to Send a message, E-mail or even post to Facebook.

You can use iPhones Siri to send a text message.

Just hold the home button and say “Tell Adam to wake up” and a text will be sent to Adam (or whomever you’d like to send it too) saying “wake up” (or any other message you want to say). You can also say “E-mail Adam hello” or “Post on facebook my iPhone is really cool.”

5. Take photos using the volume up button

You can use the iPhones Volume up button to take a photo

While in Camera mode on your iPhone you can take a picture by just pressing the Volume up “+” button on the side of your phone. If you want to take a hands free picture you can connect a pair of apple headphones and press the Volume up button on them to take a picture as well.

6. Shake to Undo

Shake your iPhone to undo typed text.

Ever type a message you didn’t mean to and just want to clear it from your screen? Simply shake your iPhone and an “Undo” option will appear allowing you to clear the text.

7. Quick Texting Tricks

iPhone double tap space, quick texting trick

When your sending a text message you can double tap the space bar at the end of a sentence and it will enter a full stop and a space to complete it and start your next.
While texting hold the Number key and drag your finger up to select the number you wish to insert. The keyboard will automatically switch back to letters.

8. Free up your phones memory

Free up your iPhones memory by closing open apps in task manager

Having troubles with your iPhone running slow? Before you go to reboot the phone you can easily close all the apps that are running in the background by double tapping the home button and swiping each open app upwards.

9. Take a Screen Shot

How to take a screenshot with your iPhone

If you want to take a picture of the app you have open press the Home button and the Power button together and an image of your current screen will be saved to your camera roll.

10. Shortcut your Favorite websites

iPhone Add Favorite to Home Screen


Do you regularly access the same websites? There is a way to bookmark websites and save them as icons on your iPhones home screen. First, browse to your website in Safari and then bookmark the website by pressing the icon that looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards. Now, just press the “Add to Home Screen” button and your website link will be added as an icon on your Home screen.

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