Here’s what our customers say about G-Wiz Tech Support…

Anastasia Goussios
Professional, respectful, friendly and knowledgeable. Gavin solved some long standing technical issues quickly and efficiently. I required a piece of equipment and Gavin even rang me to check if it was OK for him to buy this particular item as he was concerned about how it would fit with the aesthetics of my home! I thoroughly recommend Gavin for tech solutions and support!

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Simon Gould
“I have had Gavin help me over the past few years with computer support and always found his service and knowledge to be of the highest standard.
Recently lost my main system drive and Gavin has helped me get my machine up and going once more, including network, drives and backup/restores and replaced defunct hardware.
Losing ones system drive is a major headache and Gavin’s help has been exceptionally great.
Thoroughly recommend his service and assistance”

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Anthony Simpson
“I found Gavin very professional and timely, if delayed he would give as much notice as possible. He describes what needs to be done by the user clearly and to the extent possible avoids jargon.
He is technically very knowledgeable and solved my problems on my PC as well as some queries I had with the TV cabling. I heartily recommend Gavin”

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Colin Hanks
“I gives much pleasure to report that I have found a computer expert that I recommend. G-Wiz arrives on time, Gavin lets you no by telephone when he is on his way. He does his work in minimum time. and at lowest possible cost.

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Patricia Nelson
On time, very accommodating, friendly and extremely helpful.

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Desktop Computer Repairs
Desktop Computers

  • Virus Removal
  • Slow Computer
  • First Time Setup
  • Won’t Turn on
  • Computer Repairs
Laptops and Notebooks
Laptops & Notebooks

  • Hanging on startup
  • Fix Laptop Freezing
  • Security issues
  • Install Antivirus
  • Laptop Repairs
iPads & Tablets
iPads & Tablets

  • Syncing Photos
  • E-mail Setup
  • Update Software
  • Online Calendars
  • Update iPad
Internet Troubleshooting
Internet / WIFI

  • New Wireless Network Setups
  • Home File Sharing
  • Slow Connections
  • Learn to use the Web
  • Fix NBN problems

  • Setup WiFi Printer
  • Print from Tablets
  • Change Ink, Replacement
  • Fix printing issues
  • Install printer drivers
Scanners & Faxes
Scanners & Faxes

  • Scan via WiFi
  • Setup Fax
  • Scanner Problems
  • Diagnose Phone Lines
  • Fix scan to computer button
Game Consoles
Game Consoles

  • Game Lag Troubleshooting
  • Update Game Console
  • Diagnose Console Faults
  • Streaming TV, Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now
  • Access Shared Movies from Game Console
Data Recovery
Data Recovery

  • Data Loss Prevention, Backup your computer
  • Data Restoration, in the event of a crash
  • Hardware Diagnosis
  • Set up local and Network Backups
  • Schedule Automated Backups
Cloud Solutions
Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Explanation and Tutorials/Advice
  • Sync Files from Anywhere/Any device
  • Sync Calendars
  • Save your Photos to the cloud
  • Use the cloud with your business

Computer Repairs Adelaide

We come to you to fix your technology fast.  We offer Computer Repairs in Adelaide as well as support with iPads & Tablets, Printers, Scanners, Internet Connections, Data Recovery and more!  We understand that unplugging and taking your computer to a local repair shop can be a real hassle (not to mention time consuming!)  At G-Wiz Tech Support we will send one of our highly skilled computer technicians straight to your door and fix your technology on the spot.  That means no long wait times, no fiddling with cables and no stress.  It’s all taken care of by an experienced Computer Technician!

We’ve been providing Computer Repairs for over 15 years.  If you need assistance with your Computer Repairs in Adelaide then call us today on 0422295057.

We are so confident that we can fix your technology that we guarantee if we can’t offer you a solution you won’t pay anything.

Call today for fast, onsite computer repair and support with your technology.

Call for Fast, Friendly, Professional help with your technology!